Our Advantage

A Caylum education is an investment and an experience that will reward itself within the duration and upon graduation from our course. This is what sets us apart from everyone else.

  • Extensive 8-Week Training Program that covers a wide range of trading topics, all of which are essential to the development of the skills and expertise of a professional market timer.
  • Exclusive and Controlled Enrollment. Caylum only accepts a maximum of 30 students per course term and application into the program is not guaranteed. We do this to limit the amount of students we take on per course because we believe that speaking to too many individuals at the same time will lessen our ability to interact with each and every one sufficiently.
  • Live Trading. As the CTI Recruitment Program progresses, students will be able to use the techniques and strategies that have been discussed and apply them in real-time live trading sessions. This supports our corporate philosophy that our education must go above and beyond a lecture-only, classroom type of seminar.
  • One-on-One Mentorship. More than just to lecture, our mentors will also answer all the questions that our students may raise during the program and will assist them to improve on areas that the mentors have evaluated to require more focus on. Discussions and dialogue between students and mentors will be continuous and necessary during the course as sharing of personal experiences and trading behavior will help our students develop a more concrete understanding of market timing.
  • Individual Profiling and Evaluations. We will do a personality evaluation of our students to determine individual characteristics and their nature significant to their ability to adapt well to the course, such as risk profile, etc. Every week, students will have to take evaluation exams covering the knowledge that was shared with them to assess their performance. This is to measure how well they were able to keep up with the training as well as the effectiveness of the teaching methods of our mentors.
  • Full use of first-class, on campus training facilities. Every student will be equipped with all the resources and technology required to efficiently fulfill the course. All reading materials and reviewers will be supplied by the school while students will be requested to use their own personal laptops for the duration of the program.
  • Access to Global Trading Opportunities. The strategies and methods covered during the course will be relevant to all international foreign markets hence we will be opening up opportunities to our students to trade in countries outside of the Philippines, including the US, China and Japan markets.
  • Possibility of a full-time career offer with Citisecurities, Inc. One of the top global equity trading firms in the country.
  • Admission into our alumni community. As part of our primary objective of helping our students succeed even after they have graduated from our program, we wish to continue to mentor them through different channels of communication, whether through newsletters, regular events or through our alumni / membership website that is already under development.​