1st Caylum Global Executive Program (Singapore 2019)

On August 24 to 25, 2019, the Caylum Trading Institute team hosted it’s first off-site learning program, the Caylum Global Executive Program (GEP) in the beautiful city of Singapore. After many years of trying to develop courses that could accommodate the participation of our Overseas Filipino Workers around the world, the team decided that the best approach would be to physically fly out and spend time personally getting to know traders from other countries.

After capping out the maximum number of attendees at 50 students, the team flew the Friday before the event to prepare, setup, and to get ready for the first day of class.

The 2-Day Program Syllabus for the Caylum Global Executive Program.

It was productive and thoroughly fulfilling experience of finally meeting traders we had previously connected with from Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia.

“Let’s simplify the concept of how markets work. You might tell yourself, I wouldn’t pay anymore than this much for this thing and anyone who would pay more than that must be stupid. But people still pay top dollar for it, pushing the value way beyond what you think it’s worth. So the question is – are they really stupid? How much of what you think actually matters? When we talk about market timing, you guys didn’t come here to learn about value. You came here to learn about price.”

– Edmund C. Lee, CFA

“I’ve heard people call themselves intuitive traders. That means they trade solely using their gut-feel. And, if it works for you, I respect that. But you can’t teach intuition. And if you can’t teach it, that means there are not enough materials out there which you can use to study it either. How do you grow and improve further in your craft if you can’t extensively learn more about it? This is why we focus on developing systematic traders in our firm. Because these are concepts that can be taught, applied and refined. And once they’ve mastered their system of trading, trust me – the intuition will eventually follow.”

– Lawrence Lee

No words, caption or quote can describe the feeling of having been welcomed by this crowd. Thank you for making it unforgettable, GEP Batch 1! We can’t wait to come back to Singapore.