World of Opportunity: Introduction to Trading Global Markets

Next Schedule: MAY 20, 2023


Expanding outside of our local comfort zone can be intimidating. This course will help you take your first steps into trading outside of the Philippines while sharing with you the best practices and the greatest advantages of being able to shift seamlessly between one market to another. This is an introductory seminar that allows you to take a peek into the daily routine of a professional traders and the varying methods they use to execute trades in the different exchanges worldwide. Find out how they prepare, approach, and operate in the local and international markets and explore the trading framework that our global proprietary traders follow.

Additional Benefits to this Program:

  • Learn more about the Global Market Trader Specialization Program and get the chance to ask all the questions you might have before committing to our 4-week intensive training.
  • This program comes with a free complimentary month of access to our subscription portal, opening you up to all our articles, updates, e-learning modules, and the community chat where we share our live stock picks and ideas.

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Course Period:  Half-Day
Schedule:  Saturday 9:00AM TO 12:00PM
Location:  The Study (Enderun Campus Extension) 4/F Podium Mall
Class Size: Maximum 20 Students per class
Full Course Fee: PHP 1,000.00