Who We Are


The Caylum Trading Institute (CTI) was founded in 2013 as a private, financial educational institute that focuses on developing professional market timers capable of applying effective trading strategies across all global market environments. Our curriculum is the brainchild of several financial and economic experts, some with over 40 years of authoritative experience in the industry. After years of experimenting with various fundamental and technical analysis methods and encountering multiple bull and bear market cycles, CTI’s managing partners conceptualized a structured training program to educate, dissect and test the different market timing techniques valuable to one’s trading success. Topics and discussions covered range from basic stock investing and trading fundamentals to understanding market psychology to risk management and include individual personality assessments and weekly performance evaluations to measure the progress of each student.

The institution is dedicated to offering a well-founded education with the primary purpose of producing skilled and competent trading professionals who have been supplemented with formal market training and practical application of the systems. The school will also serve as an open forum for our undergraduates, alumni and members to convene and simultaneously learn from one another. Our mentors are fully qualified to guide our trainees and to foresee proper instruction throughout the entire program. Caylum is currently the prime source of recruitment for Citisecurities, Inc. Citisecurities, Inc. is one of the leading brokerage firms in the Philippines comprised of an exclusive pool of certified stock traders
who operate in diverse foreign financial markets.
Caylum is also a direct affiliate of COL Financial Group, Inc., currently ranked as the top online stockbroker in the country.



Edward K. Lee

Founder & Chairman


Edmund C. Lee, CFA

President & CEO


Bryan S. Gomez

Managing Director, Curriculum Development


Terence L. Chan

Managing Director, IT & Content


Alexander C. Yu



Charles O. Ang, CFA



Lawrence C. Lee


Conrado F. Bate



Eleanore L. Teo

Managing Director, Marketing & Operations


Leonard C. Chua, CFA

Assistant Director, Curriculum Development


“Our institution is grounded upon the core values of humility, integrity & discipline.”

We believe that every individual deserves the right to financial literacy and wellness and we are devoted to providing that global standard of financial education with stocks as our instrument of choice. Stocks have continuously proven to outperform all other asset classes and we believe that through proper training and accurate information, everyone can learn to invest successfully.

We believe that the respected profession of a successful stock trader is one that must be founded upon a commitment to learn and comprehend the fundamental concepts and theories of the industry and to dedicate the right amount of time and focus to our practice.

We believe in an adequate progressive method of teaching and we do not believe in bypassing components of proper instruction that are often overlooked, such as the individual emotions and mental aptitude of our trainees.

We believe that beyond lectures, the true evaluation of their expertise lies in their application of information and their ability to be consistent. Hence, we teach content that is executable in all equity markets and in all market cycles then we provide our students the necessary tools to implement that content. We believe that learning needs to be sustainable and continuous by maintaining a strong extended communication with both our undergraduate students and alumni.



CTS Global Equity Group Inc. is a publicly-listed trading participant of the Philippine Stock Exchange and brokerage firm housing over 35 certified professional securities representatives. Founded in 1986, the Citisecurities traders have since then been engaging successfully in multiple global markets stretching from the US, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Corporate Office

2701-B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605 Philippines
Trunkline: +632 8635 5735


With a strong advocacy for financial literacy and a vision of providing the Filipino public with the means to achieve a richer life, COL Financial is currently the no. 1 online stockbroker in the Philippines, as consistently ranked by the Philippine Stock Exchange. In 2012, COL Financial was awarded as one of the top three large trading participants during the 1st PSE Bell Awards for Corporate Governance and stood as the only 100% fully Filipino-owned brokerage firm in its category.